Civic Duty PH Collection Launch

US sneaker brand Civic Duty arrived on Philippine shores and revealed its first collection at Kyss, Makati last May 15, and trended on Twitter that day as #CivicDutyLaunchParty and #papershoes.
I actually got a peek of these paper shoes months before the reveal and found it to be really cool cause of it’s crumpled paper effect! Civic Duty footwear is made of Tyvek®, a comfortable, breathable material made by DuPont that is also water resistant and highly durable.

Designers and artists were asked to style and… well… design their pair of high cut Civic Duty sneakers. More of that on my gallery on!

Check out the following sites to find out where you can grab a pair of these out of this world footwear:
Conspire to inspire!

xx C

2 Replies to “Civic Duty PH Collection Launch”

  1. i love their concept, and the material doesnt easily get wet. hope they could come up with more designs!!!

  2. I was imagining doll shoes, or women's biker shoes with the same material! I'll love!

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