Days of Fashion

Today, I’m celebrating my 4th month in the fashion magazine industry. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride.
We get to express ourselves here. I’ve learned that fashion is ironic, too. How rules are made and bent (and even broken) adds to the oddity of fashion! It makes so much sense and no sense at the same time, like how  I dress compares to how you dress. It is an art mastered by the open-minded, without rules but with a formula.

I bought this galaxy mullet skirt from Bianca Sing (Sing Styles). How sweet of her to include a note for me! :’) She bought this online from Romwe USA

Sometimes work is fun. Wait. No. Work should be fun. WORK SHOULD BE PLAY. And most of the time, that’s what we do. We play.

We dress up, do each others nails, chat, have loads of coffee (or ako lang ata yun) and milk tea, take photos, go to events, write stories, and so much more.

To the people who ask me how working here is like, here’s what I always say:
Working here (or probably for any fashion magazine) really gets as crazy as the fashion we love. It’s such a guilty pleasure, though. It’s just as cut-throat as any other job, with stress and drama… maybe even more cause we’re all girls! It gets so silly, physically draining. But at the end of the day, the feeling is great, and like a trend… there’s always something exciting.

If given the chance, would you join and work for a fashion magazine? Tell me your thoughts!
xx C

6 Replies to “Days of Fashion”

  1. “If given the chance, would you join and work for a fashion magazine?”

    I'm quite sure that a lot of young women aspire to work in the fashion industry. Even those who claim that they have no interest in it, feel the same I think. I guess it's the lure of beauty and aesthetics, we're women after all! Although I'm pretty sure that it would be loads better if there were less drama, cattiness, and bitchiness that the industry is notorious for! 🙂

  2. Cattiness. I like that word. Haha! Kidding aside, that is all very true. But, women… sometimes revert to immature highschool girls especially in an environment like such.

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