Event: MEGA 20 Most Stylish

I was having second thoughts about putting this post up. I was assigned to write about this occasion for our upcoming issue so I was afraid that if I did, I’d have no words left for my article.
Then again, I can never start my article with that anecdote.
And I can never say “I”.
I was tense.
Past tense, present tense, future tense.
Earlier that day, I had to catch up on rest. Then by the afternoon, I ran to Dusit Hotel for a supposed shoot with a secret someone and later realized that I was in the wrong hotel all along. *facepalm*

After that hullabaloo, I had to pull out a dress at the very last minute cause I was totally ready for everything else but my attire. Thank you very much Ulysses King and to the ladies of Vatican, Podium for helping me out. I went absolutely crazy.
Sleek and super dark. Let’s just say “mysterious” was the peg?
The event was held at e’s Bar, Edsa Shangri-La.

I met with blogger icons Elisa Aquino, Cheys Pedegrosa, Kaye Awatin, Mariel Wagas, and Stephanie Dy! I felt a little bad that Ava didn’t get to join us.

Hello BFF Elisa, lunch date and shoot, yes? 🙂

I’d consider running around in heels a legit workout. I ran everywhere. With poise.

This was is the MOST STYLISH event of the year. With style icons, fashionistas, and taste-makers in one place, I couldn’t help but ogle (ogle, talaga ang term!) and take down mental fashion notes from everyone. My favorite dress for the evening would have to be Miriam Quiambao’s illusion dress from Mango! Talk about flattering silhouette!!
Tita Renee Salud was also at the event. His long royal blue fringed mullet gown was the first designer clothing that I have ever worn. He’s quite close to the family.
*cue flashbacks of 18th birthday*
LOOOOL. Okay forget you ever saw that.
Going back, I had the greatest pleasure of getting to chat and meet the women on the list. (See what the 20 Most Stylish wore during the event here). Had to also restrain myself from fangirling… most of the time. *cough* Daniel Matsunaga & Vanessa Matsunaga *cough*
MEGA Internal Events superduo Elle and Cha // Erika, Cher, (me), and Denise
What I wore: Floral print cocktail dress by Eric Delos Santos (available at 3F Vatican, The Podium), trusty Forever 21 stilettos, & necklace from Love Diva.
There were actually a more than a handful of people sporting an Eric Delos Santos ensemble! He must be so proud. 🙂
College friend and loyal MEGA party-goer Alden Richards (woohoo) and the lovely Ford Supermodel of the World Ms. Cat Triviño with Danica Magpantay (ay, mali!)
I’m totally kidding. Danica, I love you! ♥
A way more serious ( and possibly more intellectual) event summary and fashion report on our upcoming MEGA issue. Will update you when that’s out. For now, read up on the brief event article and photo galleries (who went and who wore what/who) on http://megastyle.ph!

Event article: http://megastyle.ph/news/megas-20-most-stylish-party
Spotted guests and celebrities gallery: http://megastyle.ph/gallery/mega-20-most-stylish-vip-guests
What the EDITORS wore: http://megastyle.ph/gallery/20-most-stylish-what-the-editors-wore

More MEGA parties to come, yehey!
Photo credits: megastyle.ph

xx C

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