Private Party: Republ1c Wake Park – Nuvali

Cool person alert!
Last Saturday, after checking out the waves at Outbreak Manila (Nuvali Leg), I went over to the REPUBL1C Wake Park, a little farther from Solenad (and most of civilization) to catch some real waves. Bet  you’ve never been here, kids!

Okay so I’m not that cool. I didn’t know how to wake board… yet.

Nuvali’s Wake Park was way too cool. The CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex) feel with out actually going as far as Camsur! This wake park is owned by the same person that brought us CWC, Gov LRay Villafuerte.
The summer heat that day tempted me to try it out for myself, but i was afraid I didn’t have the right gear (literally and figuratively). I love water sports though, swimming is after all my first and best sport.

Myself and some new found friends at the wake park. Hello Jacob!
I was invited by Jacob whose group is into this sport. Right now, the Nuvali Wake Park is strictly for INVITED guests only, and is set to open in around two months. Prepare your physique (and wallets) for that.

With Daniel
Wakeboarding looks like such a thrilling (and too cool for school) sport. Maybe that’s why it’s been all the craze! Laguna will NEVER be the same when this park opens. I better prepare myself for a social network feed of “BRB Gonna go wakeboarding!” status and profile photos of girls and guys flaunting their REPUBL1C, Quicksilver, Roxy or whathaveyou get-up. This is a sport I’m definitely trying out. Time to get toned and update myself on the cool people’s chill summer playlist.
Thank you Chrystel and Jacob!
Thank you Daniel.
xx C

17 Replies to “Private Party: Republ1c Wake Park – Nuvali”

  1. It'll open in a few months. Will announce that! 🙂 Yes let us try! Thanks Chris!

  2. hi! Do you have a contact number of the organizers there for inquiry of the details of the activities?tnx! 🙂

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