Nothing much going on today. I’ve probably had the best sleep this week! Now I’m super ready for the following months. Working on this event coming up and I can’t wait for it to be finally over.
I’m still craving for some Moniegold and Oishi Potato Fries (Cheese Flavor) and I’m in such terrible shape. I’m finally pursuing my decision to get back into sports. I’ll just have to let go of some of my part time agendas. I really hate being called skinny. I think the past has tainted my perception of being thin and have triggered it to be such a negative thing for me. A few years back, my weight was something I COULD NOT control, and I went through a lot of “ANG PAYAT MO. You’re too thin, kumain ka!” and a lot of “You could probably be blown away by the wind” and several other insults. As much as other girls would love to be in the shape I am in now, it’s not something I wish to have. I want the meat, and the curves, and the weight! I cringe when someone calls me “thin”. CRINGE.
Exercise, here I come.
xx C

4 Replies to “April”

  1. Feeling ko, after the lazy week of vacation everyone's feeling the need to be active. I'm trying to find myself a yoga place I can fit into my school sched..must get fit.

  2. But.. youre not that thin naman ah 🙂 tama lang

  3. I'm finding it hard to exercise with my death sched now, too! I'll work on it though! Tell me how you do it, if you get to!:)

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