Perfect Summer

It’s time for another giveaway! I’ve sent off most of my prizes already for the last ones (except one! I’m still working on it!) and have got a great new campaign! It’s the MARCH: Perfect Summer Giveaways!
Model: Pia // Make up & Photography: Cat // Falsies: Eyelash Diva

I absolutely love Notably Pretty’s new line of Summer items! This skirt is one of my favorites. Since everyone seems to be digging the sheer skirts this season, why not give one away? 🙂
I’ll be giving away this SHEER LIME SKIRT from Notably Pretty!
All you have to do is:
– Follow me via Google Friend Connect (GFC)
– Follow me on Twitter (@sinosicat)
– Tweet: “I need this sheer lime skirt for a perfect summer @sinosicat!
– Add Notably Pretty and LIKE on Facebook 
Comment below with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, & TWEET LINK!
You can get the tweet link by copying the link from the timestamp of the tweet.
Contest runs until March 19, 2012! Good luck!

xx C

15 Replies to “Perfect Summer”

  1. you really have a talent in photography and your blog is just simply amazing 🙂 mind if you tell me where you edit your pictures? or there are no edits. 😀

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