My Greatness Started at Home

My parents always tell me that everything starts at home. And true enough, everything that makes me who I am today started from home.

My greatest achievement would be who I have become overall. My home has nurtured and shaped my values, ideals, beliefs, and the skills that make me who I am today.

I belong in a family of seven, myself being the eldest among the five siblings. At a young age, I was given various responsibilities and chores. Like all panganays, much was expected of me.

My family

My parents are responsible for all my achievements. They put me in school at very young age and, because of their support and guidance, I was able to be accelerated. I was in a class with kids far older than I was, and because of this (plus the responsibilities of being the eldest) I was encouraged to act and think maturely.

2011 Graduation

I graduated last year with a Bachelor of Arts – Communication Arts degree. During my college days, I would hurry home after school (or during break time, since school was just 5 minutes away) and get on the computer. Our course was very theoretical, and didn’t divulge much on the various modes of digital art. But my fascination with multimedia encouraged me to learn about the software that I would spend hours reading tutorials, watching how-to videos, and browsing for inspiration on the web.

Some early graphic design works

My hobby grew into curiosity of web design and coding and I was so addicted to learning! By my second year, I could write HTML and CSS codes, create quality graphics and photos, and edit my own videos. I would do all that, balance my studies, and engage extracurricular activities with the Student Council and the College Publication.

Graphic Design and Production for the school

My parents have always been supportive of me and my hobbies. Because of the skills I have honed at home, I got to score various rackets as a one-woman ad agency at the age of 18. Brainstorming, conceptualizing, branding, creating studies, negotiating with clients and suppliers, designing, and producing… I worked hard for everything I have now. My first SLR, my clothes, and my gadgets. I would also give back to the family, treating them out or buying groceries on days when I’d have more than I need.

Videographer and Video Editor for ‘DLSC – Live It Up’ Centennial Shoot

At 18, I’ve also managed to land my first job as a Marketing Associate at a record label in Makati. On weekends, I would be out and about doing part time work as a graphic designer, event and fashion photographer, writer, model, and web developer.

At Pampanga with Audioclef Records, 454 Life, and Friends

20 years old and a Senior Marketing Associate for a prestigious magazine publication, I’ve gone a long way from the days when I’d just be “the geek that knew how to do almost anything”. I’m also currently working on setting up my own design firm called Deviant Manila, and saving up for my Master’s Degree. My parents have set the bar high and have inspired me to always do my best. They have created a great environment at home for me to grow and practice my first steps. To be able to provide for my family and myself at a young age while still being able to do the things I’m passionate about is my measure of success and greatness!

The family bond, the encouragement and support, and of course the access to knowledge and ideas from HOME have shaped me and made me into something I am proud of.

Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions. 
– British Prime Minister Benjamin Disreali

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