The Changing Times

I’m back to straight hair!
My hair hasn’t been in the best shape lately. I kept putting my hair in a bun because of the bad body it had. I would always tell myself that I should try ironing it once in a while, but waking up earlier than the time I get up now (I get up around 5 am because of the LAGUNA – ORTIGAS commute) is such a hassle!
After being assured of healthy hair when I had it ‘micro-checked’ in a Kerastase event last week, I decided to  put my locks under the arms of chemicals again and get a semi-rebond at Justine Barbara Salon. CHECK!
To make sure I don’t damage my hair, I use Kérastase’s latest product Fibre Architecte Complexe Ciment-Cylane Double Serum (woah, that’s a mouthful!). It renovates the locks and resists hair erosion. I’m probably over-exaggerating because using the serum is only for Erosion Level 3 to 4, but it’s better safe than sorry! You can get your hair erosion level checked at any Kérastase Salon.

On another note, I got a BlackBerry! I downloaded this ELLE France app last night and found really nice pictures. Now if I only knew how to read French! I’m only figuring out what it means based on the little English it contains. I should probably tell MEGA to do something like this. Having style tips on the go is pretty handy!

I’ll be contributing to and, so make sure to bookmark those websites! Follow @megastyleph on Twitter for fashion updates and style tips, too! We’ll be hosting contests soon. ♥
Hope everyone’s having a great week. It’s almost payday!
xx C

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