MEGA YDC Finale x 20th Anniversary

It was such a blessing to have been part of this event! The start of a new century has begun for MEGA Magazine and I couldn’t be any happier to have helped organize their event. (And I will be helping Events organize many more!) If you all didn’t know already, I’m now working with the MEGA Magazine for marketing. Prepare for more fashion-related (specifically, MEGA-related) posts from me!

Dress by Jerome Sayala Ang (from The Vatican), Shoes by F21, Bracelet by Accessorize
Photo c/o

Thank you so much Nio Manzano for helping me out with my dress. Hihi I got MEGA-shy to be in the same event as the designer, Jerome Ang. I might have not given the side-mullet any justice! (Wait, did I just use MEGA and shy in the same sentence? MEGA-contradiction!)
I’m so proud of myself for MEGA-promoting MEGA. I’m so happy that this event was a success! Looking forward to other blog posts about this event! We’ll be posting our OFFICIAL shots soon, so for now please visit and follow @megastyleph on Twitter, and!
xx C

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