David Archuleta loves Bench Fix

Last February 17, 2012 at Trinoma Mall, Bench Fix Professional threw a fabulous fashion musical celebration in honor of their newest endorser: American Idol David Archuleta. I was there for my younger brother who now seems to be a Bench show staple.

I really loved the DOOR idea. However, the cheerleaders and dancers doing their little dance battle on the far end of the stage wasn’t as amazing. It’s probably because of the Coke-Bench show (also held in the same venue, directed by the same guy) that also featured these dancers that did the same moves.

And then he arrives. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan. But, man did the guy have the appeal. I was, unexpectedly, star struck. My friend Jacque described him and his performance well: “HE’S SO CHARMING!”

It’s funny to know that I now have found new respect for the OPM song “Nandito Ako” because of David’s rendition. Despite the very American twang, he sang it with so much heart that you really appreciate it! It just had to take a foreigner to give it justice, no? Maybe it’s because some of our singers fail to take the song to heart. What makes songs so memorable is the emotion it gives the listeners (case in point, Adele).
Cause if I do, it will all be over, I’ll never get the chance again. I’ll never… sniff. 😥

My mother vowed to watch and complete David Archuleta’s TV5 mini-serye. You won’t be able to guess how many times she’s watched and repeated David’s goodbye v-log.
As per the Bench products? Well, that’s another post. 🙂
Hope you all have a meaningful Lenten season!
xx C

4 Replies to “David Archuleta loves Bench Fix”

  1. Thanks for the blog post, and the pictures! David's an amazing guy, and I'm glad you got to see him, and hear him sing. His voice is as amazing as he is.

  2. Yeah, once you meet/see David Archuleta you can't help but be taken in by his charm, his voice, his smile, his eyes. And then there is his personality. All around wonderful person. Welcome to our world. We've been going strong as fans for 4 years and there is no slowing down.

  3. Amen, hollyre! Been there, done that since Shop Around. David is one of a kind. Love him to pieces! Wish I coulda been there! *sniff* Some people have all the luck. :o[

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