Eat Jazz Love Post Event

Acacia Hotel’s Valentine’s affair was truly a first for me.

Located at the center of rising commercial and business district of Filinvest, the new hotel on the block is pretty brave in its claim of the “five-star” title. Here’s my event review of Acacia Hotel.

I was invited as a photographer for the Eat. Jazz. Love. event, and got the chance to take photos of the beautiful crowd with Daniel. The place was packed with couples and families celebrating the special day. I absolutely loved Acacia Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. If I were given the chance to celebrate my 18th all over again, this would be the venue! The glowing tree branches that crawl overhead simply made sense of the hotel’s name and gave the ballroom a good reason to be GRAND. While the mix of various silly prints that welcomed me in the lobby of the hotel didn’t quite appeal to me, their ballroom seemed to be the deal breaker. Everyone appreciates a cohesive theme.

Glamorous eye candy
Acacia Hotel’s Grand Ballroom
I like how the table set-up stays true to its theme. Perfectly designed for that picture-perfect scene, the candle light and rose petals made each table quite romantic.

Such exquisite table layout
My Eat.Jazz.Love contest winner Daniel Kaity & her date!
Lovely couples and families fill the Grand Ballroom
Serenading the crowd the whole night were Cara Manglapus and the Executives Unplugged
For entertainment, this band surely did great! Their mix of current and classics were much appreciated by the guests from different generations. Ale Rivera and Cara Manglapus’ duets stuck to me the most.

Food was quality, with the Carrot Pea soup as the sure-winner of the bunch. Or was that probably because Carrot Pea soup was a “safe” dish? No, it was exceptionally tasty. I also enjoyed the chunk of salmon and prawn. The drizzle of sauce around it gave the dish so much flavor. Check!

Gourmet goodness: Salmon and Prawn, Carrot Pea soup, Duck Breast and Lettuce, Strawberries & Chocolate Mousse

The raspberry sauce was a surprisingly delicious twist to the Duck Breast meal, too. I’m a big fan of salty-sweet taste!

Overall, the event was beautiful. Either place you stay, whether it’s way in the back or inches near the stage, sound and style was never compromised. It would be great if it became an annual thing. *hint hint Acacia Hotel!* Probably next time, more games and interactions? I definitely wanted to win myself an overnight stay at their best suite just so I can write an extensive review on it. I heard several pairs singing along to the game and wishing they would’ve joined!
Thank you so much Acacia Hotel (especially to Chrystel Ilano) for giving me this chance to experience this. I will never forget the venue, the music, and the food.

Acacia Hotels Manila
5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City 1781

Telephone: 720 2000 / 588 5888
Twitter: @acaciahotels

xx C

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