17th Hot Air Balloon Festival – Part I

Last Sunday, I went to the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival with my family, the Aguas family, and Daniel! We left Laguna as early as 3 AM for Clark, Pampanga but the crazy traffic made us miss the actual inflating and flight of most balloons. We literally had to walk to the venue, with some people renting bikes to get there faster. It wasn’t my first time attending the festival so it wasn’t so much of the experience that I missed, but the photo opportunities! Five or six years ago, I knew nothing about photography and didn’t own a camera.
Still true to what it’s known for, we got a glimpse of some of the craziest hot air balloons! Birthday cake, ice cream, flower, car, and… ham?! Yes. Ham. Roasted, I thought, since it was on fire anyways.
Gliders and such would fly overhead and break necks. One even had a “Will You Marry Me?” flag attached to it! Awwwww. Haha. The sounds of the festival were of honking cars, gliders’ propellers, and chirping bird sounds that came from natives selling their handmade goods.
It was Daniel’s first Hot Air Balloon Festival, and first time in Pampanga in general.
It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines!
I wanted the paper hot air balloon lanterns, but we never got to go back for it. It would have been beautiful additions to my creative studio idea!
Cat wants to fly too!

This ends the image-heavy part one of the Hot Air Balloon event. I practically cried in my head because we missed the grand finale (Night Glow) and the landing of the balloons. I would’ve had shots of GOLD! 😦 TRAFFIC is to blame. Things to always remember in attending festivities like these would be:
1.) Car is always a bad idea. You’re ALWAYS going to be a victim of traffic. If you must take the car, park it somewhere, then walk or rent a bike to the place!
2.) Travel light. Pocket money, your ATM card, your ID, an extra shirt, and your camera bag.
3.) Baon, if you wish to save. But when buying, the best food is what has most value for your money! In other words, FILLING!
Looking forward to the next year! Hope you all enjoy the photos. 🙂 I have a video coming, too!
xx C

8 Replies to “17th Hot Air Balloon Festival – Part I”

  1. Hi, Cat!

    Was there yesterday, too! We left Manila at 1am and we still had time for snacks at NLEX before we went to the event. We were expecting traffic since it was a Sunday so we left early. You didn't miss much. There were a few balloons that didn't take off. Were you able to see the Panda balloon?

  2. Hi Ms Rina!

    No, I didn't see the panda balloon! I would've seriously loved close up shots of “inflating” balloons, with fire at dawn! 😦 Too bad we didn't see each other too! Were you with Tito Don & Tito Fitz? 🙂

  3. This is so cute! Wish we can attend this event next year.(: but I think there is too much crowd?

  4. I was with some friends. Fitz and Don didn't want to join us this year. 😦

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