Event: PharmaCanada – Cytology Lab Blessing

Yesterday, we met the President of Phil. Medical Association Dr. Oscar Tinio, Chairman and CEO of PharmaCanada Bob Rai, and his Vice President/Wife/Pathologist Dr. Harpeet Rai, and many more important doctors and people from all over the world!
Celebrating World Cancer Day, they brought in the first non-invasive (bloodless) Cancer detector in Asia! This event was also graced by ALL major networks in the country. KAPUSO, KAPATID, KAPAMILYA, and KABIT/KARIBAL (We can’t decide on our network name! Haha!)
Held at St. Dominic’s Medical Center Bacoor, we were the official Photographers for the event. Great job on your first gig, Daniel Anore!
St. Dominic’s students as ushers, and so prim and proper!
Cocktail caterer Bizu, sure made a winner right here!
The food shots were so good that I’m going to have to make a separate post dedicated solely to that!
Such a great event. The baon of learning that I get to take home was more than enough for the day. They also sure made beautiful use of such a small venue. Props to Ms. Zoe for that!
We also tested our new YN467 Speedlite during this event. Double thumbs up for this baby! The lighting it emits is beautiful. The photos were all perfect. For once, I didn’t feel the need to edit them!
For your photography and video needs, email us quick at cat.trivino@gmail.com and we’ll send you a rate to fit your budget and needs (not compromising quality, of course). For sure, readers would know that my heart would always be soft for traveling and going places I’ve never gone before, so:
Scott Ian, a big thank you for recommending me! 🙂
xx C

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