Make Up Brushes and Use

Knowing the “what and how to” of make-up brushes are key to getting the most out of the tools we purchase. I admit, sometimes I purchase blindly, not knowing it’s actual use and purpose, only thinking it might be something important.

Daniel got me an awesome 12-piece brush set in a pink pouch for my birthday. I was ecstatic! I was also brave enough to admit to him that I barely knew some of the brushes in the set.
“Would buying this for you encourage you to wear make-up more often? I hope not,” he says. I reply: “I wouldn’t want to do a full operation on my face all the time. I’m too lazy to do that on a daily basis or even on most days.”
But my obsession for photoshoots (on others) and making other people look pretty (or prettier) will never wither, thus encouraging me to do some research on the brush basics!

Powder brush – You’ll know a good powder brush with it’s soft, full fluffy head. The brush provides and all-over dusting of loose or pressed powder. Dense brushes are not only irritating on the skin, but also less effective in evening out powder. A powder brush can also double as a blush brush if need be, because the soft, round head is great for sweeping on powder color, too

Angled Blush brush – An angled edge brush is meant more for contouring your brush. It’s sculpted for cheeks. The soft bristles fit perfectly in cheek contours for defined cheekbones.

CONTOUR GUIDE for Nose, Eyes, and Cheeks

Foundation brush – These brushes are designed to give you a flawless finish without looking caked. The bristles are tightly packed with a tapered tip for fluid foundations. You can partner this brush with a good wedge sponge for blending.

Eyeliner brush – Eye liner brushes are necessary when you are using powder or cream liners. They tend to be square and made of firm, white, synthetic bristles because they are supposed to maintain shape better and provide control to create fine lines. These brushes can also be doubled as eye brow brushes.

Eyeliner brush – Another type of eyeliner brush. For extra thinner lines.

Eyeshadow brushes – Eyeshadow brushes are for applying primers and base color to your eye area.

The shorter soft-bristled brush can also act as a concealer brush. You can use it to apply concealer under the eyes, to spots and to camouflage problem areas.

Blending brush – For shading or (as the name implies) blending of colour or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape.

Eyebrow brush – Applies colour to the brow. Use to define or add “fill”. Start in the middle of the brow and work your way to the outside. Target those areas of the brow where hair is thin or light, and fill them in using short strokes.

Brow brush & Lash comb – Double-ended with a firm, angled brush head on one end and a blending brush and styling comb on the other. Designed for filling-in, shading, blending and styling the brows. Use the comb to separate lashes for a full, fluffy set of lashes.

Spiral Eyebrow / Lash brush – Ideal for taming unruly hairs, the stiff bristles smooth and comb eyebrows into form. When shaping, use to brush hairs upwards and trim the excess for neatly groomed brows.

Lip brush – A flat, moderately-firm, tapered tip applies emollients and water-based products with ease, precision placement and a crisp, clean edge.

As I say, we all learn from each other. Comment below with some more tips (and/or corrections, if there are) on these make-up tools. I would love to learn more about them so I can maximize their full potential! I’m trying to bring out the inner-Tamang Phan Make Up extraordinaire in me and bookmarking a couple hundred YouTube tutorials too! Haha.

If you have tutorials, feel free to share them with me. I’ll feature you on this blog.

xx C

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3 Replies to “Make Up Brushes and Use”

  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial! I used to have just one brush in applying my make up. I didn't know the relevance of switching brushes.

    diamond peel

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