The Printed Work: Audioclef Vault Card Displays

The Audioclef Vault Card Displays are finally here, and they look so good!
These babies will hold the future of the music industry, literally. For we see in our future, music CDs are long extinct and these digital albums will be the key. And in this case, the KEY to the Audioclef Vault. (See logo)
Anyone and everyone can have their own Vault and Digital Album. These cards and displays will be available in official Distributor stores and outlets (list of Official Distributors to be announced). For independent musicians who would like their album sold via Audioclef Vault, they may visit, inquire via email (, or check out Audioclef Vault’s Facebook page (link below).

Proud moment! Display design and structure, and the Audioclef Vault logo and cards are all made by Cat Triviño for Audioclef Inc. For more info, again, visit the Audioclef Vault’s Facebook Page.

xx C

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