Birthday Girl Giveaway I: Eyelash Diva


The beautiful CEO of Beauty Instincts was generous enough to hand over THREE FABULOUS SETS of Eyelash Diva Kit! So, there’ll be 3 winners for this first giveaway. Hooraay! I blogged about Eyelash Diva previously:

Contents of each kit are: 
2 pairs of Natural & Glamour Blacks Eyelashes, Glue + Applicator, and eyelash container.
PLUS Triple Pinky Lip & Cheek Tint Sampler (waterproof, might I add!) and a MONARCH VIP Card!

Let me explain the VIP Card:
You get MAJOR Discounts and Privileges to the following stores (Beauty Instincts Online Shop, Eyelash Diva, Style Alliance, and Optima), and other freebies and discounts from Fashion Designer Don Cristobal, T-Shirt ni Juan, Freelance Models and Talents Campaign, D&C Fashion Studio, ICON Superclub & Dolce  Superclub (free entrance for you and 3 friends)! I’ll explain the VIP Card further once it’s on the hands of it’s lucky owners! Hehe.

Sample shots

1.) Follow me via GFC (Google Friend Connect)
2.) Follow me via Twitter (@sinosicat) and tweet the ff:
“I want to win an Eyelash Diva Kit from @sinosicat! Check it out here:”
3.) Like the following Facebook Pages:
Bonus entries:
1.) Blog about FALSIES & recommend Eyelash Diva! 
Include a url/link to this giveaway on the blog post. (+5 entries)
2.) Add Beauty Instincts and Eyelash Diva on MULTIPLY (+3 entries)
3.) Place me on your blogroll (+2 entries)
After that, comment on this post in this format:
TWITTER: @sinosicat (and place a link to the tweet)
BONUS ENTRIES: (Link to your blog and post, if any)
And you’re done! This giveaway ends on January 27, 2012. Super easy!
Winners will be chosen via and notified via Twitter & email. 🙂
xx C

42 Replies to “Birthday Girl Giveaway I: Eyelash Diva”

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