Patty & Patrick

New year was not as much of a blast for me as it was for The Pats: Patty Laurel and Pat Filart! When I heard the news that Pat proposed to Patty just as the year shifted to 2012, I couldn’t help but feel so giddy.

I’ve only been friends with them for a year and feel extra special-ER to be part of the whole ride (sort of). I was around during those days from when Pat was still single to when they got together. Now they’re engaged and couldn’t be happier! Kileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg.

The other day, a certain scandalous video has surfaced. A Brown Out Proposal. Okay, so… it’s not scandalous. It’s actually quite solemn and intimate, just as a proposal should be. Candle-lit and beautiful, the moment was accompanied by blasts of fireworks in the background. THE WORKS, Pat. High fives! Patty then wrote about it on her blog. Her note of details and the excerpt from her soon-to-be Mother-in-Law’s email have raised the bar in proposals. Here’s that video:

I’ll just share that excerpt (I hope Patty and her stbmil won’t mind):

“I have often wondered what my “last” daughter in law would be like as God had already blessed me with two wonderful ones. And now, He has added you to our family. We are blessed and very happy. You just seem to fit right in and I know that everyone is so happy for Patrick. He has so patiently waited and believed for God’s best for him and I’m sure he feels you are worth the wait and we all agree. (And you are the Patricia we never had! ) I have prayed for my son’s wives since they were very young and God has been faithful to answer my prayers.”

The whole thing has got me thinking about my own (and I was trying not to). One thing I know for sure, I would hate a proposal that included a series of mob dance numbers and an airing on local or national television. In any kind of surprise or gift, I would always like it well-thought of and DIY.

What am I sayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?! I’m not even twenty yet!
I just wanted to share this in hopes that my future fiance will chance upon it it may be of great inspiration for others to begin 2012 with a big move or a life-changer. To dedicate the rest of your life in being the best person for this one special man/woman gives “being alive” so much meaning. And it’s not to pressure anyone (those in their marrying ages) to grab somebody sexy and tell ’em “HEY! I WANNA GET MARRIED TONIGHT!”, because God really takes his time creating the beautiful things, and for sure… your moment, near or far from today, is something worth waiting for.
Congratulations DaPATS! ♥

Love, Cat

3 Replies to “Patty & Patrick”

  1. i saw this on Patty's blog! super kilig. i've been showing my boyfriend proposal videos. he hates it. not because he doesn't want to get married, but too much pressure daw to think of something as if not more creative, haha!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. Hey Gela! Same here! Haha. The time will come naman, he'll secretly be researching for ideas. ;p

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