The Eyelash Diva

I’ve been reprimanded once or twice during modeling gigs because I don’t get to bring falsies (false eyelashes) during the shoots. I was always a little skeptic when it came to beauty products that enhance or change your features apart from the usual make-up (falsies, colored lenses and such). My eyelashes are God-given and long enough, I don’t NEED to add more!
In beauty shots, especially that of high fashion, it is, if not the most important, one of the key ingredients in that perfect smize. It adds so much drama and intensity!
During Bloggers United 2, I got the chance to grab a  Eyelash Diva kit freebie from Style Alliance! It had two sets of falsies that look and feel like real lashes. It’s so natural that when you put it on, you can’t even feel it, but your eyes would intensify like woah!
 Together with the two sets is a Strong and Easy glue with a tool to help you get it in place. You have to be careful with both of them! I’ve had the tool poke my eye a couple million times before I got it right.
I blame my fidgety hand.

I chose to use the SELENA pair for a special day out (and shoot).

What’s amazing about this product is that it’s so light-weight (both eyelash and glue), that the feeling is “barely there”. I’ve had also a couple of mini-heart attacks when I remember that I have these falsies on, but I don’t feel them! The material is not like those cheap ones you get at around P60 with plastic material. It’s like the real thing.
I got the chance to meet the brains behind this whole thing, Jewil Viv, last week. She was such a darling, a true entrepreneur and I was pretty surprised how she could juggle all her activities. She told me a lot about Eyelash Diva, it’s past and plans. I scraped off the “high-fashion/for shoots only” stereotype I had with eyelashes when she told me about the more natural black eyelashes that were available. Pwedeng pwede on a regular day out.
It’s time you girls stopped dodging or refusing to try falsies. It’s pretty cool!
I’m giving away Eyelash Diva Kits to lucky readers for my
I’m turning two decades on the 12th and got a series of giveaways lined up for everyone.
My first giveaway is a fabulous kit from EYELASH Diva (complete with container & glue), a TRIPLE PINKY (lip&cheek stain) Sampler, and a MONARCH VIP CARD (for shopping discounts and free club entrance for you and your friends!)
xx C

One Reply to “The Eyelash Diva”

  1. Hope i win one..haha my mom and i are so addicted to these..say goodbye to long minutes of fussing with eyeshadows, just don a striking lippie and falsies then youre all set for a party! 🙂

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