Easy Stripe New Year Nails

New year means trying new things, and for the longest time I’ve been wanting to try the easy diagonal design nail art that I see on nail art blogs. Heed this as warning when I say that this would be my FIRST time to talk about nails and such so forgive me if ever you come across some nonsense!
With tape and two colors of nail polish, this loud design screams avante garde! Bobbie’s Foil It nail polish is forever my favorite party choice! It’s the cheapest (P35) alternative to those high-fashion chrome nails!
This design is way easy. First layer (2 coats) in one color, usually the lighter color of the two… depending on what kind of effect you’re aiming for. Second layer, place a tape across the nail diagonallly and paint over it!
From what I learned, it’s best that the tape isn’t so sticky. FINALLY, cheap tape has a purpose! You have to also remember to remove the tape BEFORE the second color dries.

Bobbie’s Foil It Coil and The Face Shop Violet nail polish
I didn’t have any at the moment, but do know that it’s best to top of the final design with a finish layer. I’ve never tried going matte before (and might, in the future) but from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty neat. You can go get matte and glossy finishes at any Etude branch!

Creds to my sister for helping me out with this one! I’m such a noob when it comes to topics like this so if you’re looking for a wider array of designs and tutorials for nails (nail art), Rina’s Nail Art (Simply Rins) is the place to go! Her nail designs are awesome (ever heard of a Globe / Blackberry nail art design?!).

I hope everyone had an awesome New Year celebration. Let’s brace ourselves for more changes, trials, and adventures this 2012! Huzzah!
… HAHAHA. Pretty geeky.
xx C

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