Christmas 2011 at Casa Triviño

Wait, Christmas is done?!
Wow, that was fast. With 2012 fast approaching, I bring you:

We celebrated the holidays at home in Laguna. For the past few weeks, the Don Bosco church (incredibly near our place) was lit up and gave everyone the atmosphere of Christmas. What I loved most was when the church would play instrumental Christmas carols before and after Simbang Gabi. 
Absolutely heart-warming!

Juancho was completely ecstatic to receive Mom’s AQUAZORB gift. Then he received the same thing the next day. Haha! Anton was Mom’s secret Santa. He bought her make-up and brushes from Watsons! 🙂

Guess who got me? 
I actually dreaded and prayed that he wouldn’t pick me prior this because he sort of had a history of being barat and cheap with his gifts. But that day proved otherwise! Tingnan mo naman ang wrapping. Effort kung effort. It was glue-gunned pa! Thanks. Haha.
Juancho got new clothes for VTRs and I gave my siblings Swatch watches (or was that redundant?). Mabby called us the SWIBLINGS.

Grapes & chocolates, divine!

Of all the things that has happened that day, I think what I probably hated the most was not being able to go to mass AT LEAST ONCE. I was grateful for so much things and didn’t get to give God the time of day. The lights and music was a clearly an invitation for me and I would always seem to just leave it for another day, until it completely passed.
Aha. A new year’s resolution has been born!

Hope everyone had a grand Christmas time. Stay safe and keep moving forward! 
Happy New Year!
xx C

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