BETTER for 2012: A Year in Review

Two thousand eleven has marked several highlights for me. On my last year as a teen (and STILL in denial), I have grown and learned from the experiences I have gotten myself into.

2011 was officially the first year in my conscious life that I didn’t have to go to school. Also the same year I got my first ever promotion. The year I MARCHED (graduated), got in a commercial, made big career decisions, and met great new friends.

Also got in 100 x more trouble this year than any other year in my life, cried an ocean of tears, got into deadly bills and payments, and lost 2 cell phones consecutively.

This year has evolved me from student to working girl. Who would have thought that the REAL WORLD everyone warned us about would be harder than we thought? I wasn’t emotionally prepared. Haha! I kid.

The decisions I made this year definitely SPUN MY WORLD and made all the difference in who I am now. Still indecisive? Maybe a little, but I’m learning. I still haven’t figured everything out, I know. But for sure, what I’m probably going to be telling my children (of the future) is that they shouldn’t rush anything. It’s also best to always LEARN and LEARN from experiences, be humble in victories and gracious in defeat. Having a mature mind is always a good thing. I was so excited to grow up that I didn’t know I was unprepared for words like TAXES, PRICE INCREASE, CONTRACTS, and REMAINING DAYS FOR LEAVE. It was all so fun and exciting back when I was playing pretend. Of course, our game of Bahay-bahayan didn’t have RENT and 3 MONTHS ADVANCE in the rules and our source of income DID grow on trees. I thank God (and my family) so much for giving me the strength and courage to deal with all the hardships I have faced this year.

Globally, the world has faced a similar situation. God continuously proves that we will always be LEARNING and we can never claim to know it all. We will always be running back to Him in times of adversity, crossroads, revolution, remembrance, possibilities, and inspiration.
Watch this video:

This year has truly been one to remember. 2011 hit us hard, especially to those who have loved and lost. Although we don’t want to grow up too fast, a little growing up never hurt anybody. It’s never supposed to be about regret of bad decisions or things left unsaid, but about gratefulness of the things that have happened and how it has helped us grow to be BETTER.

BETTER for 2012.

Make the year-end better for everyone. Give hope.
Donations for SENDONG victims are open. 
How can I help?

xx C

2 Replies to “BETTER for 2012: A Year in Review”

  1. Quoting a Raconteurs song:

    “You got to learn to live and live and learn.
    You got to learn to give and wait your turn…
    or you'll get burned.”

    Everything will be better next year, I swear. You just have to keep up your positive outlook like what you have been showing on your post, keep on praying and working hard. 🙂

    And hi, Cat! How are you? Nice blog you got here. 🙂

  2. Hi Deranged Writer! 🙂

    Thanks for the comment! I do have high hopes for next year, and will def keep the positivism! So should you. 🙂 Hehe

    I'm doing good, thanks! How about you?

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