Urban Flavor rules 7th High

Spent the first night of my last month as a teenager at the 7th High, Club Room! I was there for Urban Flavor (the poster of which I designed here) supporting my team (the secret record label) Amber Davis, Marcus Davis, Mark Salunga, and Brenan. I just got off one of the longest meetings yet that day. Thanks Karla for the treats! 🙂
The Club Room at 7th High was sublime! This Members Only area really knows how to give everyone the VIP feel. Reservations for the Club Room are available through 7th High’s website. It was also a Buy One, Take One promo that night for drinks. I bet people had fun with that!
Karla Mangrobang, Alvs Noel, Amber Davis, Brenan, Daniel, & Jay R

The hottest FILIPINO performers to date, I swear. 🙂

Mark Salunga, Ian, Patty Laurel, Dennis and Mike

Daniel, myself, and Karla ♥

JOLO (aka J-Dot), Amber Davis, and Gene Roca
Had to leave early so I didn’t catch the end but there were rave comments saying the party was great. A night of the 90s jams that we all know too well made the night a guaranteed success.
More power to our Filipino artists and 7th High!

Photos by 7th High (R. Sarto)

I have found my purpose and will advocate children’s education on values and fight for their future! They will be the future leaders of our children. Help me spread the word and help me pave the way. (The version on the site was still a little rough to meet contest deadline so pardon the grammar and misses. There’s a link to a better written one on the comments area, so feel free to check it out.)
You can vote by registering and clicking on the 10 STARS by the comments area. Ofcourse, you’re not obliged to make it a 10. But I wish you would. 🙂 Love, love!
xx C

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