Event: Slash @ 18

My cousin Slash (yes, named after that guitarist from Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver) celebrated her EIGHTEENTH birthday last week! The theme was WESTERN cowboy. I was ecstatic knowing that my very western boots could fit this very cowboy affair! And trust me, I RARELY get to wear my boots. 😦 The event was held at Silverplace Hotel, Makati. We were joined by several family and friends.
Watch this AVP I made from the event photos I took that night:
Check out some of the photos from the event after the jump. 🙂

Slash’s birthday booties!

The charming & vivacious little sister, Iya.

Makati City night lights are love! More reasons to adore the night life this season.
My sister Pia with Iya. I rhymed! 🙂

Kai and Hannah

Speed Dating game! 🙂

The crew! Spot Daniel and I.

Pia dancing to Sexy and I know it. It’s her jam.

Milca is pretty. 🙂

Hannah looking every inch like a party girl! Hahaha! Legal na rin kasi!

Anton and Pia having fun with the laser lights. Parang identity scanner!

R-18 cake brought to you by Slash’s dad. Wild, no?

Iya leading the singing of the Happy Birthday song for her ate. 🙂 So adorable! 

Triviño girls! We rule! 🙂 Conservative ako so di ako naka-shoooorts. Haha.
Happy birthday again Slash! 🙂 We love you!
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You can vote by registering and clicking on the 10 STARS by the comments area. Ofcourse, you’re not obliged to make it a 10. But I wish you would. 🙂 Love, love!
xx C

2 Replies to “Event: Slash @ 18”

  1. hahaha the cake is so funny. and her name is really cool, i fan Slash from junior high school and her name same as my idol, glad to know that 🙂

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