Philippine Blog Awards ’11: Bayanihan!

Ran a little late for this because of some affair, and missed my uncle’s winning moment! But I did catch up to the best part *cough*raffle*cough*. The Philippine Blog Awards was held at the RCBC Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium.
Travel Blog winner Lois of WE ARE SOLE SISTERS

Ms. Gang Badoy of RockEd hosted the night. She was awesome!

We weren’t informed that Mr. Christopher Lao was going to be handing out awards that night! Pulling off his own jokes was pure swag. Haha!

Gaming Blog winner

Hobby and Recreation Blog winner

Business blog winner Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to Be Rich (and also my uncle) bags the award for the second time in a row!

He also advertises during his acceptance speech his Blog-themed shirts! 

Best Video Post: Kring of MyKoreanBoyfriend

Some of the winners… my uncles haven’t gone up yet!

Best Lifestyle Blog in Luzon: Don Triviño of Bongga Ba?
Read about his extremely lucky day here. He won in his category, got a new Nokia dual sim phone and an iPad 2 from the raffle! Talk about good vibes!?
Event photos above by Azrael Coladilla
I think I fed off of my uncle’s luck. I won the raffle too and got a new Nokia 701! God really had some surprises for me that day! I’m loving this phone. ♥

Thank you Tito Don & Tito Fitz for inviting me to this event and to Daniel for accompanying me. ♥ Pichi-pichi galore! I absolutely cannot wait until the next PBA. I’ll see you all there, and hopefully the next time… I won’t just be going up the stage for a raffle prize. 😉 Hahaha!
Oh and shout-out to JC Ansis (who I didn’t see during the event, boo!) and to Robbie (The Creative Dork) who approached me and introduced himself before he left. Still feels so surreal! It was also nice meeting Rina Alcantara (Fashion and Beauty blog winner) and the rest of my uncles’ friends. See you all again soon.
xx C

P.S. I still need your help! I need +2000 more likes for my entry: “Chic Twist” to win the Bubbles’ contest. ASDFGad that sounds impossible. I can’t even get more than 600 to view my blog per day. 😦

As much as I respect indie-businesses like these, winners these kind of contests are only determined via pa-kapalan ng mukha and padamihan ng friends. I tried. But, help.

Here’s my comment entry to their 1st part of the contest:

“I first spotted Bubbles accessories through Artsy Ava! Without a doubt, her accessories ultimately suit her colorful lifestyle and persona. Soon enough, I began seeing these accessories all around the blogosphere! I’m such an accessories girl and it just makes my heart and soul ultimately crave for these Bubbles accessories each and every time I chance upon them! I even recommend these accessories on my blog! I’m a firm supporter of the fashionable Pinay, and I’m really proud of all the people who make this possible! The people behind Bubbles and the go-getter fashion bloggers truly step things up and make fashion easy (and even affordable) for girls like me. The statement that Bubbles accessories posses are truly one of a kind. My accessory box definitely deserves some “Bubbles” glamour!! More power to you, Bubbles!”

12 Replies to “Philippine Blog Awards ’11: Bayanihan!”

  1. That's right, dapat next year… ikaw naman ang tatanggap ng award. Keep on blogging! 😀

  2. @ Don – You're welcome tito Don!
    @ Gee – Haha, they're more of the serious bloggers though. Pabanjing-banjing lang ako talaga. Hahaha! Thanks! 😡

  3. My friend Otep also won in the PBA for Blogger's Choice.. 🙂
    Congrats to your uncle too.. 🙂

  4. Hi, Cat!

    Nice to meet you last Saturday! Congrats sa new Nokia phone! As Fitz said, dapat ikaw naman ang aakyat sa stage next year! 🙂 I'm looking forward to getting to know you more. I am now a follower of your blog.

  5. @ Zen – Yes, I saw him! Extend my congratulations to him as well. 🙂

    @ Rins – Hi Rina! Yes, I'm a follower of yours too! Your work is so awesome! 🙂 Hopefully, next year! Hihi.

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