Bloggers United 2: Shopping what?

Shopping affair.
Affair as in endeavor or event. Affair as in a relationship.
Affairs sound a lot like something illegal. Why shouldn’t this event be? How can something this fun even be legal (or real)? Haha! The second Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair happened last December 3, 2011 at Treston College, Taguig. So many things had to be done that I came late. By then, as I predicted, most of the good stuff were sold. Sucks too that I didn’t meet my giveaway winner, Kat Valdez. 😦
Meg’s Editorial Coordinator (and one of my best friends) Ekai!

Solar Entertainment (ETC) OJTs Neoben Rivera interviewing some bloggers during the event! Mike’s in the background! 🙂

David Guison, Andre Judd, and Paul Jatayna’s booth

Look at me, mom! Haha! Shopping with Neo! Thanks, super stalker for this photo! 😉

Ekai’s working her magic trying to sell her Php 50 Twilight Books! Hahahahaha. No words.

Rio Candy segment! Spotting Ava Te and Ms. Eggplant!

Look at this mayhem!

Wallin’! Thanks Ekai for this photo. 🙂
Some stuff I got. Accessorize gold purse was on sale for Php 300 only! And I HAVE to thank the super kind folks of Style Alliance for these freebies! I love the Reluctant Stylista! 🙂 e.l.f. Eyeshadow Duo (Olive), e.l.f. Mascara Duo, and more (not in photos: a false lashes kit and a yellow charm bracelet)! I’m more than excited to join your shoot soon! Thanks again, Nio Manzano for all of these. You the best! 😉
Tips for BU3?
1.) Arrive early! Countless times have sellers told me “Sayang, there were better designs earlier!”
2.) Bring your friends, your mother, and your siblings. Sure it’s via invites and the entrance fee is a hundred bucks but you wouldn’t regret a cent!
3.) Make friends! My bad, I didn’t get to introduce myself to others (especially to the people I knew). The best way to widen your experience and gain more readers is to create physical connections.
I think I would have more tips if I arrived early. Haha! Great event but had to dash to the Philippine Blog Awards (at Makati) after. Bitin. Bitin. Bit—
xx C

6 Replies to “Bloggers United 2: Shopping what?”

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for going to the Bloggers United Bazaar (Part 2)! We appreciate your time 🙂 Glad to know you really enjoyed it!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. any tips for the incoming bu5 like what to wear, bring? 😀 i love your blog! stumbled upon it while searching bu on google!

  3. Bloggers and street style photographers usually roam around looking for stylish shoppers. Do dress according to your style! You'd also want to be comfortable, if you're going around the whole day so… if you're okay with heels, then awesome! Bring a shopping bag for all the little trinkets you might also be taking home. It gets pretty crowded, depending on the place too. So make sure to come early!

    Sorry for the late reply. Only saw this now. 😦

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