Fashion: Nude Love

Nude and pastel colors seem to have a special place in my heart. They can be for the office or special occasions. These colors make you look fresh. Style pieces:

Nude lipsticks are love. However, take the following things into consideration:
  • For fair or pale skin: With lighter skin tones, avoid beige lipsticks, which will just wash you out. Instead, look to pink, peach, or pale apricot as your base shade. Tip: apply a lip liner in a color one shade darker than your natural tone to give your nude tone a brightened effect.
  • For the golden girls: If you’ve got lots of golden undertones in your skin, go for creamy, caramel-toned nudes and warm beiges. Avoid anything too cool, like grays or silver-toned shades.
  • For olive tones: If you’ve got olive skin, you’re a lucky gal. Just about any nude shade will look great on you from beige to bronze to pinks.
  • For skin with yellow undertones: Think light, creamy-toned beiges like latte or mocha.
  • For dark-toned skin: Go for chocolate tones such as rich golden browns and coffees.
(‘How to Wear Nude Lipsticks’ from

To achieve that whole simple look, make sure your hair is in sync! You can choose to tie it up, bun, or these half ponies with subtle waves/curls.

Make sure you add a brave pop of color (dark/strong eye make up, accessory, shoes, or bag) so you don’t look too pale though. 
(All photos via Pinterest | Unable to track source)
xx C

2 Replies to “Fashion: Nude Love”

  1. I'm not much of a fan of pastels since they're light colors; since my body structure is a bit on the heavy side, I always choose dark color to balance things. I admit though, the whole pastel/nude ensembles are quite cute and feminine on petite and slim girls. 🙂

    As for the nude lip, does lipgloss that's one shade darker than your natural liptone count? Haha!

    And I just love the matching bright clutch and bag. Personally though, I would pair it with an all black ensemble. <3

    P.S. Are those Adele's eyes?

  2. I'd opt for a pastel palette depending on my mood. I know of some big girls that can pull of these colors too! 🙂 One shade darker counts. I honestly pick the darker ones cause the ones my color make me look like a vampire or anemic. Hahaha!

    Yea, i thought so too (that they were Adele's). Not exactly sure. Let's just name it Adele's. Hahaha. 🙂

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