Backstage: Superstar (Brenan ft. Thai) Official MV

The OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for Brenan ft. Thai’s Superstar is now up!
The song “Superstar” is about a guy treating a girl like… well… a superstar. Brenan talks about how she shines and surpasses the rest. Awww!
Audioclef Records teamed up with Bay Area record label, 454 Life Entertainment’s GINOROCKS and rapper Thai Viet G for this single. Thai’s rap verse was definitely an awesome addition to the song and gave it immortal life. That rap part will always have a very special place in my heart.

“She’s sexy, classy, one of the finest 
divinest, making beauty look timeless
Red carpet roll out, chauffeur roll up 
take a glance of life of super stardom 
She look like a queen, better yet dream
better yet, something in between 
Poppin’ the bottles of XO, inside the club
the waitress walk by, you see; you light up 
Everybody make way for you to walk right up
it’s just you and me, looking down from above 
Night goes on, the closer we get, 
Look so fine, it’s picture perfect, 
Feelin’ me more with every single moment spent 
hoping that this feeling will never end 
High to the sky, she taking it far, 
a natural goodie, a born SUPERSTAR” 

Day 1 was spent on the plane! And I, unprepared and worn out from day work, got to cameo! Back up singer ang effect! Hahaha!
Day 2 was shot at Eivissa Superclub. I was with Rhoda and Daniel as we watched the club fill in with the hottest and the best! Naks! 
Day 3 we took a road trip to Pampanga and spent the night at Century Hotel, that’s a hop, skip, and jump away from Hacienda Superclub! See my blog post of that morning here: Saturday Morning at Pampanga

Then, the evening party started! Thai and Brenan (with JOLO aka J.Dot) had a live performance for the crowd of Hacienda Superclub. In detail, here’s my blog post of that night: Superstar Saturday at Hacienda

If you’re still not in the mood to watch the music video and share it with your friends, maybe several screen shots will help. The video is starred by the beautiful Samantha Ritchelle, Brenan, and Thai. Cameo appearances by Marco Borromeo, Philippine Azkal Anton Del Rosario, Jay Enrile, Patrick Filart, Michael Schaefer, Dennis Brillante, and many more!

Did I forget to mention myself?

So how about watching it now? 🙂

xx C

4 Replies to “Backstage: Superstar (Brenan ft. Thai) Official MV”

  1. Hahaha! Kilala ka daw nya! Close kayo? Gusto ka rin ata nyan! She says Glerren with sparkles in her eyes e! Naks!

  2. Stephanie, events like these rarely happen for me! It's just the only thing I blog about! Haha! Thank you!

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