Anti-Epal Bill

It’s a politician tradition. Their names and faces are larger than life on the billboards, posters, tarpaulins, across shelters, foot bridges, vehicles, or basically on anything they touch. They claim credit to projects that are funded by the public.
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Covering it as an expense for information relation to the public, these vain politicians use taxpayers’ hard-earned money and take this printing expense as a chance to insert their names and faces which will probably benefit them in their future election endeavors. Truly shameful.
Epal is slang for “ma-papel” (scene-stealers or attention-grabbers). And these politicians’ actions fit this term’s description. Currently undergoing committee deliberations, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s “anti-epal” bill is formally titled “An Act Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project.”
According to the senator, “This is unnecessary and highly unethical” and “promotes a culture of political patronage and corruption.
Good God, it’s about time! It’s also funny how they print and post tarpaulins of their whole family greeting everyone a merry Christmas or what-ever-holiday! 😐 What is that?
According to, the bill will only allow signs that bear the name, image or logo of the local or national government agency handling the project. If the bill gets passed into law, the DPWH and MMDA has 3 months from that day of the law’s effectivity to remove all existing signage that violate its terms.

What’s great about this bill is that it seeks to promote government officials that practice policy determination and also humility.

Read the full Senate Bill No. 1967 here:

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4 Replies to “Anti-Epal Bill”

  1. Another reason to love Sen. Miriam. This would have been an unnecessary move if our countries politicians actually knew what “public service” meant in the first place. The Senate will suffer a great great loss if ever she gets elected as a judge in ICC (and I have no doubt that she will make it).

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