Satchel Lovin’ and other Bags

I’m so in love with these bags. I don’t even know how to put how I feel in words! They are beyond awesomesauce!
Tan 11″ Satchel Bag from The Wow Shop (P 850)
Red 14″ Satchel Bag from Paris Dreams Shoppe (P 1800) from Artsy Fartsy Ava Give Away (see this post).

I’m starting to let my bag collection grow so I decided to do a checklist of all the bags I wish to at least get to touch for more than 5 minutes and fill with my magical things. So far, here are my top two:

#1 Jo Totes – Betsy Chocolate Camera Handbag

Add style and function, and you’ve got yourself a Jo Tote! And reviews have mentioned that the hundred nine dollar bag is a true value for your money! It doesn’t strain your shoulders, so they say.
I wonder if anything similar is sold here in the Philippines. I need bag to inconspicuously nest my SLR. When I’m out and about around the city, I don’t want my bag to be screaming, “Hey, I got a 30,000+ peso gadget you can snatch from me here!” And of course, I do want my baby safe.

#2 Alexa Style Satchel

So, I have a thing with satchels. And brown. And  pockets. Big deal?
As much as I adore the satchels I have now, I’m actually leaning towards something more flexible. Like this Alexa Style Satchel. 
(Photo on the right is Mulbery’s)
Because of the material of the satchels I have now, I’m afraid that one day, it might dent and shape abnormally. You would also want a bag you can definitely get rough and go on an adventure with. 🙂
If anyone would want to give me any of the two for a Halloween, Christmas, or early Birthday gift, please do so! Haha! In return, I shall post a video of myself expressing my gratitude through a full-length song cover of your choice.
Thanks for dropping by and make sure you follow my blooog and subscriiiibe! ♥
xx C

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