Bench\ | Spring Summer ’12

Last Sunday, October 23, 2011 at around lunch time, I accompanied my brother to SMX for final rehearsals. It was for his first runway gig for Bench\ Spring Summer ’12 Collection. After a whole lot of hullabaloo with emergency car trouble, we finally got to SMX. I wanted to barge in the rehearsals myself but I was toooooo shy.
I stayed outside with the event bouncers as I watched really hot models come in and out of the Function doors. I could say that probably my self-esteem has most likely dropped to a negative 200% as each model strutted their way past me. That happens, of course, when you compare yourself to these professionals with hopes that you might one day be in their shoes.
My brother invited me to go inside while I waited. I was so giddy seeing all these people prepare! I saw familiar faces from the blogosphere and fashion industry. I had to keep composure though! I sat beside my brother as he waited for his turn to be made up. You could say my self-esteem rose back to normal when two people told me to start having my make up done (twice in different times)! Heeeee. Ay, hindi ka ba model? Not to brag though, I just really wanted to share that I was mistakenly identified as a Bench model twice that day. That one’s for the bag.
Thinking about it in hindsight, I should have availed that free make up service and just left. Just kidding. Sort of.
Before the show, we were lined up for the PROMO seats then promoted to VIP! I didn’t even know I was supposed to go, because initially, my brother had only one invite. I won’t tell how we got them, but we ended up with 10 invites, 6 of them VIP seats. Daniel, my tita and tito, and my parents were the only ones there so the Promo invites went unused. 😦 And to only feel worse about it, I had a good seat and no SLR on hand!
Special shout-out to Ava Te who I finally officially met that day! No camera means no photo. Boo. Next time talaga!
Here’s my brother by the way:

Look at him oh. So cute, complete with bow tie and brooch! Hahaha. Photo from

And below are the incomplete photos of my favorites that I saw from the whole Human, Kasheica, and Bench collection:

 You can disagree with me if you want to, but I found Bea Alonzo quite stunning that day. Her hair was absolutely beautiful. I should think about using Clear. Haha! My very favorite would have to be that red striped polo and this:

Also from the Bench/ Body collection were these stunning undergarments. I loved the three models with the head gear of (what I would only assume were) silver sun rays. It reminded me of Judas (Lady Gaga).

All images c/o ,  Thank you so much!
After that, I also bumped into stylist friend Nio Manzano! Hello Nio! 🙂
What a day. Congratulations Bench/ and Juancho!

4 Replies to “Bench\ | Spring Summer ’12”

  1. Wow, thanks for the shout-out. Ayun, now I remember him. I'm actually to blame for how the belt-ties are tied. Pero I'm not the one who tied this to him. 😀

    I think it's about time you make your own portfolio and zed cards. Alex and I are excited. 😀

  2. Haha! It's very unique, the way they're tied ha! 🙂

    Yes, please! Haha! I'm excited too! ♥ Thanks Nio!

  3. Hello! First up, thank you for checking out our blog and commenting! You take very beautiful photos! I'm loving many of the pieces from this fashion show!

    Fang Ting

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