L is for Love and Lomography

That’s my sigh expression for when I chance upon more things I cannot have. Today I was reminded that via Law of Attraction (read The Secret), positive attracts positive. I was having a pretty good start of the day until my 16-year old fan girl heart broke into a million pieces.
Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco is getting married. And… yeah. Meeeehn. There goes my teenage dream.
Negative attraction is quite fast. Browsing through TheFancy.com can be so devastating sometimes. I saw a number of lomo cams on the board and couldn’t help but feel a little “Meeeehn…” once more
I love lomo cams! Film cameras/ Analogs are so wonderful because they make you appreciate three things:
1.) Photo printing – I feel best when I can touch and feel my work. And to feel memories on your hands is just immensely wonderful.
2.) Trusting the Lomo – No deleting, no reviewing. Keeping it real. Just how it should be.
3.) Not Thinking Rule #1 in shooting with a lomo? Don’t think, just shoot. The brightest insights are always the first impressions, and thinking is killing.
You should know that Lomography is not an interface in your life but a part of it. Life inhales Lomography and Lomography inhales life. 
Any photographer should feel and appreciate the process of film developing, too. We were lucky enough to have been taught how to develop in the dark room in college. Other than the stench that the room had, I enjoyed every bit of the process.
Then I go… Meehhhhn. A, Lomo Cameras are hard to find in a society that highly advertises and uplifts the new technology of DSLRs, and B, because of A, Lomo Cameras are also not exactly affordable.
Here’s my sad face emoticon with matching tear drop. 😥
These eye candies, if you’re as much of a lomo/film/photography buff (or a hipster) as much as I am, will make you stare at your wallet and cry for a while. Unless, you’re loaded. Then that’s another story.
Leitz Lomo Cam with 50mm Canon TV Lens

Leica R3 with Leitz Wetzlar 50mm Lens
 Lomography Camera with Diana F+ Lens and Flash

I know someone who has the last camera I showed! *cough* Glerren *cough* You better post some of your shots soon! 🙂

As for me, I’ll probably have to go cry in the corner a little more while I browse the Lomography.com website in the hopes that maybe a nice Leica will fall from the sky and into my arms.

Here’s another one for my “Things I Shall Save Up On List”.


xx C

4 Replies to “L is for Love and Lomography”

  1. Hihi. Am now on the process of blogging about it, along with other things. 🙂

    Truth be told, I'm a bit nervous on how the photos will turn out. We've gone through around 5 rolls of film and some of them were taken in places with barely-decent amount of lighting with the camera, I later find out, on the Pinhole setting (I thought P stood for Program. I fail. Haha!).

    Pero oh well, in the true spirit of lomography, que sera sera! Haha! And of course, experience is the best teacher! I'll be going to this nearby photo shop to have one of the rolls developed when I get off for lunch. Will scan and post photos ASAP. :))

    And you learned how to develop photos in a dark room! Me ish inggit. We were only taught the basics of photography. 🙂

    BTW, I read your tweet regarding this, there are shops here that sell cameras, do you want me to check them out for you? I wouldn't mind. 🙂

    And oh, the Diana F+ offers a lens adapter for Nikon F series and Canon EOS, which could be convenient. Unfortunately for me though, mine is a Sony Alpha model. :))

  2. I love lomo cams! 🙂 I know where you can buy those aside from online shopping 😀 Mamaya kasi ang ideliver sayo isda instead of a camera. Okay i don't make sense. Bye. Hahaha!

  3. I love the Leica camera. The gold color on the Leica camera makes it more compelling. I would love to take photos with these lomo cameras to get great looking images with lomo effects.

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