Should have been Informed?

As much as I deny, my life has just been floating recently.

Wake up, go to work. Spend eight hours in front of the computer, shut down. Leave work, eat, sleep. I hate routines. I hate living the same day twice… or the same week four times a month, or the same month twelve times a year.

It’s not a healthy lifestyle, you know. Being stuck in a cycle of endless headache, stress, and melancholy only tires and thirsts me. I end up craving for that slight bit of euphoria and the feeling of freedom from the vicious real life that they used to talk to us about when we were in school.

No, not really.

School never taught us about real life.

In no way have I managed to apply Trigonometry in real life situations other than trying to appear as a smart-ass when I joke around with friends. Don’t even get me started on the sin, cos, tan or the curves and waves. Notice my beef with Trigonometry, why don’t you?

I would have rather spent my time learning about how to ace interviews, where to get good jobs, how to avoid scam and all the other demons of this “real world” they speak of, rather than the seemingly endless hours of things I cannot apply in real life. Can I get 20 units in Common Sense 101, please?

I would really be happy if they taught me how to speak well and gain confidence in speaking. Sure there are “special” classes you can take outside school for that, but come on! These are the basic necessities in real life! You cannot survive if you didn’t know how to speak your mind right. Somehow, I slur and stutter my words. Hey, I’m the quiet girl. It happens.

School also never taught us about how to find ourselves. I would think that it’s only right to have special time for that because the age that we attend school is also the age when we construct our being and who we’re really supposed to be.

How many of us are definite of who we’re supposed to be? Of what our purpose is and if our purpose is something of value?

Also, how unfair is it that at school, we are solely judged on our ability in a certain area. I’ve spent quite a number of years believing that I can only do so much only because school’s standards say so. And I thought school was always right.

If you judge a fish’s intelligence by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will spend it’s whole life believing it is stupid.

And just like this real world, they judge you on society standards that are so flawed. If the real world implies heavy routines, narrow minds, inequality, and no space for change, then I think that’s what the school should warn their students about.

I need a break.

7 Replies to “Should have been Informed?”

  1. I hate being in the floaty lifestyle, always finding a new hobby to give me a little purpose

  2. I graduated highschool in the Philippines with no honor but with an average standard grade. My parents weren't happy and I was considered 'bobo' for not getting the famous 'Grade 90 and above' since I only get an average grade in mathematics. But here's one thing I learned about life outside that country, getting good grades and shit like that only matters over there. In Europe, nobody gives a damn how good you are in Mathematics as long as you can do your job well. Period. So dear, take it easy and do not let them grab your young spirit. Live.

  3. first off, thanks for your comment ^_^

    i can understand what you're going through. the scariest part in your life will be when you feel indifferent to everything. feeling angry and frustrated are good things!

  4. Thank you all for your replies!

    Evankristine – Thanks for that! I've heard so many wonderful things about Europe from my boss at work. Hopefully experiencing life outside the country can give me a breather as well!

    Stephanie – Yes, they're definitely good things! They're starting to take a toll on me though. Thank you. 🙂

    Lily & Adam – Yes, finding something new to do will give us a feeling of new purpose and freshness! 🙂 Let's do that!

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