Thank you, Ava!

Alas! My dreams of owning my own satchel have become a reality!
I joined Artys Fartsy Ava’s Big Thanks Give Away last month and was so giddy to know I bagged all these awesome stuff!
A beautiful Cambridge-inspired red satchel from Paris Dreams Shoppe. As soon as I got home, I began Google-ing all the outfits I can wear with such a bright red statement! I’m wearing this today with a plain black tee and denim pants. 🙂 
The bling from Fashion Galore and Peaches on Top:

If you haven’t noticed, this is a carefully executed photo with my reflection on the camera necklace. Haha! Just pointing it out cause of the effort. :))

Was also quite surprised to see some GC’s! Thank you so much, Ava. I look forward to having my eyelashes extended. Hahaha!

Ava and I didn’t exactly get to meet up, but I saw her… for a while. I really do hope we get to meet each other properly. Haha!

Thanks again! ♥


5 Replies to “Thank you, Ava!”

  1. aww welcome, cat!:) yes, sorry we didn't get to meet properly 😦 was late for an event but glad we at least saw each other in person! Enjoy the GC's!:D

  2. Thanks Ava and Phya!

    Evankristine, yup! Check out my link to Paris Dreams Shoppe (on my post, above the bag photo). I'm not sure though they ship to where you are. Maybe you can get someone to bring it there for you! 😉

  3. Congratulations for winning Ava's Big Thanks Give-Away! I'm happy to know that you love the satchel! 🙂 -Iea of Paris Dreams <3

    Hi Evankristine! We are now accepting orders for the last batch of production 🙂 You may check out my shop for other yummy colors available 🙂

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