Turning legal is always fun. And as always, dressing up and meeting friends is equally as fun! This beautiful drizzly day combined both, and it’s so exciting to be a part of such a beautiful event.
I remember turning 18 once. Ay, duh. Hahaha. Ofcourse I turned 18, and if I could repeat the days I get to say I’m 18, I would. It’s such a sexy age, for one. But, getting back on track, I do remember my eighteener days. The beautiful days of last year. Hahaha. Kung magsalita, akala mo ang tagal na eh.
But goodness, my nineteener teenage days are almost closing curtains and it feels like being eighteen was decades away. 
The majority of the day was probably spent completely blanked-out with the words “God, I’m old!” running around my head and completely toying with my emotions! I don’t know… I’m not ready! I’m not! I’m naaaaat. Huhuhu.
Siguro about 5 times that day and the day after… I mentioned casually to my dad: “Dad, I’m turning 20 na…” with no intent of initiating a possible sermon on facing reality and not trying to… stop this train. [Cue in John Mayer song]
But enough with my shallow drama! Here’s what happened:
Celebrated Christine Fojas’ 18th birthday at Palms Country Club, Alabang last Saturday!
The red and black event was glamorous (even graced by rockstar Ely Buendia)! Here’s Daniel, Ekai, and I in our red/black ensembles! (Photo below by Regie Hizon, everything else by Daniel and myself)

Spot this awesome cake!

The adorable Christine in her fairy outfit! I absolutely loved her Real Girl MV. Cute!

Neo and I! He just bought new Forever 21 boots! Can’t wait to nab the sale this week (Oct 14-16)! Neo’s look reminded me of the Warblers uniform from Glee. Awesome peg!

Daniel’s Three Blind Mice made out of table napkins. Oh boy.

Fellow blogger, Mark Ontoy and his ravishing studded bow tie.
Neo mimicks Mark’s staple pose well. :p

The Debutante Christine and Carlo

Adorable Ms. “Hindi ko sya boyfriend!” Nikka Ramos!

Blogging sisters, Ekai and Bianca! Check out Ekai’s Literary Blog here.
Beautiful Alabang bokeh. Shot in the pouring rain para madrama, thanks for being patient, Daniel. Haha!

Ganda oh, parang Miami Vice. Hahaha!

I love dressing up for parties like these. It reminds me of the prom I never had. Haaaay. Naman! I have so much drama in my life. HAHAHAHA.

Didn’t get to put watermarks! 😐 Oh. Please don’t nab them. They all belong to this blog only. K.

Happy birthday Christine! 🙂 Enjoy every minute of 18-hood!

x C

10 Replies to “8Tin”

  1. Hi!

    This is my first time to your blog! First and foremost, happy belated 18th! I remember how exciting it was finally being able to drink at a legal age haah. I love how themed your party was – I miss doing things like that in high school!


    Hope youll stop by!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Stephanie. I appreciate the greet, but it's not my birthday. Yes, it was a wonderfully themed party!


  3. Hey Neo! Was that really on purpose (glee-inspired)? Haha! See you on the sale! :p

  4. I will grab a photo from this post, too bad we don't have a picture together! Anyway, nice post and DESCRIPTION haha! 😉

  5. Mark! Ugh oo nga no!? No photo together! 😦 Darn! Sure, grab away. 😉

  6. yeah! It was supposed to be a replica with the embroidered logo and all, but didn't have enough time!

    see you! what time will you guys be there?

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