Fashion: Trina Mariz Loafers

Got some adorable nude Miu Miu-inspired shoes a few weeks ago (from The Wow Shop)! It’s a little too small for me around the toe area, but bearable. I have big feet! Ahh.

And paired it off with my white polo and Forever 21 denim shorts!

I have no full body picture unfortunately. I’ve yet to have a photographer buddy with me all the time to take my photos. Haha *coughDanielcough*! ♥


6 Replies to “Fashion: Trina Mariz Loafers”


    wish i have smaller feet for me to wear killer heels like those! 🙂


    til your next purchase 🙂

    -the wow shop

  2. I am loving the shoes! Though it's hard to completely decipher, I bet the color is quite flattering on you. And the ankle strap is a nice addition. It's another flattering detail because…

    YOUR LEGS! They're are miiiiiiiiiiiiles long! Very nice. Hihi.

    It's safe to assume that I am lesbians for you right now. Our boyfriends can have each other. Haha! Kidding.

  3. Hiyaaah Glerren, my love! ♥

    Well, the color is pretty much that… it's nude and it's just a wee-bit lighter than my skin tone.

    Yes my legs go very far. I'll lift them up, check outside if you can see them from there! Hehe!

    I'm always (lesbians and) up for anything so… I'd probably take up on that offer… someday. 😉

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