House of Manila: 2nd Collection now out! — Online Clothing Shopping

Following their successful maiden collection, House of Manila is back with more hot new styles and designs to suit every girl’s wants and needs, literally and figuratively! The second collection comes out in a four-part play, each with a different style and personality. Browse through their new collection here.

Megan Sheer Top
Less is More – Megan is different from the previous gals. She is liberated and limitless.

Felicity Skirt
The Apple Of The Eye – Felicity describes herself as a versatile and playful woman. Because of this, it allows people to look, smile and be-friend at her.
Teena Cut Out Dress
The Not So Conservative Lady – Teena definitely has a poise and distinct charm. Mysterious but wants her to be discovered. Teena exhibits elegance and curiosity.

Beatrice Sweetheart Dress
Open Your Heart – Beatrice illustrates a fun and sweet young gal. Cheerful on the outside yet romantic on the inside. Beatrice is a one sweet and romantic gal in hopes of getting her hopeless romantic story [sic].


A Megan Sheer Top and Felicity Skirt do go great together and are sweet office work clothes (especially for the beautiful young professionals or yuppies). Buying plain tops and skirts are great and may serve as staples for your mixing and matching.

The Teena Cut Dress and Beatrice Sweetheart Dress are good weekend clothes or “Meet the Parents” get-ups especially if you want to make a good impression! The Beatrice Sweetheart Dress, if topped with a simple blazer could also be a great office work outfit for the ladies.

A beautiful, clean second collection! Please do check out (and LIKE) House of Manila for the prices.

Buy your outfit from HOM and send me an email ( on how you styled it and I’ll feature you (and your blog, if you have one)! Get featured on House of Manila and now!

– C

9 Replies to “House of Manila: 2nd Collection now out! — Online Clothing Shopping”

  1. Thanks for the tip, looks like amazing clothes 🙂

  2. Hello Cat! 🙂

    I just read your blog featuring us House of Manila. 🙂 i was so glad you blogged us! We appreciated this a lot most especially now cause we just launched our new collection last Saturday. Hope you guys support us, our products are designed by the owners of House of Manila. Thanks again Cat and more power on your blog. 🙂

  3. really sweet clothes, I especially love the sheer shirt
    thanks for commenting on my blog – visit again soon!!

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