TOKYO P.O.S.H. – Clip-On Bangs

Recently got TOKYO POSH Hair Extensions Clip-on Bangs!
I went to their store in Rockwell with Erika, Gear, Eanne, and Migs and spent my GCs on this instant hair-style (BIG THANKS to Patty Laurel for the GCs!). These full bangs cost Php 950. I actually wanted the long curled extensions, but they were off my budget (Php 2,000+). Well… It doesn’t matter… my long is hair already [sic haha]!

I can totally cover Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass now. Yehey!
Now what’s also great is that with hair extensions, I don’t have to worry about hair damage cause they’re just easy clip-ons! You can go from dashing morning diva to super stunning evening star in just 5 minutes (or less) without the salon cost and worry that your curls or waves will fade out by mid-event!
Also noticed that Kim Chiu used Tokyo Posh Full Bangs on her latest Preview cover. Now I’m not a big fan or anything… but ohhh… so that’s what how they get nice full bangs then come out in another cover totally bang-less. Oooh-aaaah moment! I live under a rock, forgive me.

Anyways, if you totally can’t commit (hair-wise or even relationship-wise) then TOKYO POSH Hair Extensions are a quick fix for your worries! Change your hair as often as you change your mind! 🙂 Hope to visit again soon!

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