e.l.f. Contouring Kit Review

I do boatloads of photo shoots on the week and also do some slight make-up for the my models so I can’t wait to try this on them! I actually wanted Make Up Forever Professional’s Contour Kit but the price was… never mind. Let’s just say I won’t spend that much for make-up. *cough* TWO THOUSAND PLUS PESOS *cough*. But yeah, I got this for less than P250 at Market! Market! and I’m sure I’ll be able to find a cheaper one somewhere else, too. The e.l.f. angled bronzing brush is not part of this set and cost about Php 125.

Now this is when you get what you pay for… for the Contouring Blush and Bronzing powder, the bronzing or contouring powder is great (especially if you’re a fan of the glitters) and fits well with my not-so-fair skin tone. The blush on the other hand was too light that all I saw were glitters… no pink whatsoever. Doesn’t matter, I’m not a big PINK cheeks fan anyways.

For the Bronzing brush, I’d give this a two out of five stars. It really soft, too soft that it doesn’t really create a great contour. The moment you place it on your face, it just goes flat much like what a blush brush would do. It also suffers from hair fall and sheds on your face so many times it’s not even funny! A lot of reviews would say that it’s pretty scratchy but compared to the previous brush I used, it’s not that bad. But definitely not really worth the good dollar, I’d have to agree. I appreciate the little plastic cover it has on the brush though, it’s very handy for keeping this sensitive and shedding brush intact.

Note to self: Read reviews before purchase! I think it’s important to have internet everywhere. Here was the e.l.f.’s customer reviews on the bronzing brush of disappointment: READ REVIEWS.

What I learned today was that e.l.f. stood for eyes lips face! Ahhh… stupid.

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