Sketching & Miss U

I was sketching last night got to scan them today. I had no models or anything, but don’t you think it looks a tad bit like some Miss Universe contestants we know? 😉

Okay, so not entirely. But I’m just having hang-overs here. This was sketched last night, probably (but not purposely) because of the contest excitement.

The funny resemblance with Ms. Angola’s Leila Lopes and my sketch on the right was in the earring, the defined brows, nose, and tube and was funny… and scary at the same time. I can be a psychic! All that was missing was the crown!

Now I know I’m pushing it, and I repeat that it’s extremely incidental, but with out the bangs, my left sketch could’ve passed for my idol and dream girl:

A fascinating trivia I learned today was that Ms. Philippines Shamecy Supsup was the Project Architect of Enderun’s Atrium!

She’s so inspiring, I can’t breathe.

An alleged Oprah Winfrey quote is also going around from NBC News saying:

“I have reservations with the results. If the only basis is the Q and A portion…, after having been trimmed down to 5, Ms. Philippines deserved to win. What made her different from the rest is that she had no seconds to rethink of her answer as she had no interpreter to break the ice. The rest had their interpreters and having breaks on seconds to think about their answers. Hands down, Ms. Philippines answered straight to the point,”

Whether that’s real or not is another question, but I’d have to agree with it anyways.

UPDATE: Oh no… Oprah didn’t say that! 🙂 Sorry to burst bubbles!–oprah-didn-t-say-that.html

Maybe I should watch the Miss U replays and see if the results change! But either way, I’m really happy for Ms. Angola! She has turned the world around and defied the society’s narrow definition of beauty. Dark is beautiful and I’m now more proud of my skin color than ever.

Respect.  – Leila Lopes, Ms. Universe 2011

5 Replies to “Sketching & Miss U”

  1. 'But either way, I’m really happy for Ms. Angola! She has turned the world around and defied the society’s narrow definition of beauty.'

    I agree. It's about damn time. Makes me remember my favorite Ms. Universe winner Riyo Mori (2007) and when she did her final walk in 2008 and gave the crown to Dayana Mendoza (another favorite). She earned badass beauty queen points in my book when she wore a tailored tuxedo and not an evening gown. (Come to think of it, she didn't even wear her crown!) It was like she gave a middle-finger salute to the fashion norm. It was an awesome moment. *fangirling*

    Okay. Will shut up and go back to ninja mode now.

  2. Your sketches are great. Tailored tuxedo – brilliant!

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