August 30

2008 of this day, I lost someone very important.

I first met her a year before and she was tuning some Maroon 5 on her CD player. She had just told me she was from Don Bosco and played in the girls’ football team. The team SSCW would frequently lose to. From that moment, I knew we were like each other! Like twins, saying the same things, having the same beliefs, going through pretty similar stuff.

Myco, Twinnee, and I saved the 5th of August to be our Twinnee Day. Our day where we celebrate “birth” of a great friendship, sharing semi-emo / semi-retard stories and pizza. August was supposed to be a well-strategized month, thanks to our advanced post-master algebraic calculating skills (made of fail). Birthday + Birth Month = August (?) which was supposed to be the month-long party.

We took photos of our shoes around the “no parking” sign painted on the road and she said, “We should take pictures here every year and combine it all!”

I rummaged through her site and read this again:

My lovely TwinneeWeiner. 😀
I love them.

We celebrated together (me, cat, lex, myco & zy) at Yellow Cab.  Like I said, today is PRE-Twinnee day. Meaning, tomorrow (Aug.5) is our official Twinnee Day. AND HOPEFULLY WE’RE GONNA GO OUT AGAIN. Yes. 😀 Celebrate. 😀 Nao… At Yellow Cab, we had pizza. Yes. Half HAWAIIAN and half CHEESE. It was great. I love Twinnee Days. 😀 We took tons of pictures too. But it’s in Twinnee’s camera.

I love the whole world. ^^ And all the Twinnee Days.
Boom De Ah Dah (4x)

We celebrated Twinnee day on August cuz August is Friendship Month. I said that because I have no idea when Friendship Day really is. 😀 Hahaha, sorry. Some say it was on the 5th, others say on the 3rd and even more others say that it’s on the 1st Sunday of August. So yeah, I have no idea, I say it’s Friendship Month 😀 Basta, we had a great time, nothing can beat that. ^^

We ate.

We ate ALOT.

We did! But we weren’t full. TWINNEE WASNT EVEN HALF FULL. OMG. Where does it all go?! Tell us!! 😀 It must be the most secretest secret ever, right Weiner? HAHA. After the Yellow cab thing, we went back to school cuz all of them (except me cuz I’m the only ComSci around) had to go to class which was… Engligh 3, right? I dun remember. Haha. It was a fun fun fun day. Hopefully Twinnee Day & Post-Twinnee Day and all the other Twinnee Days will be as great as this day. <333


She was the best friend I never called a best friend. And I deeply regret not having assured her that I was, and that I would always be around for her just as she was for me.

She’s the person anyone could run to, someone who everyone would definitely get along with. She was a genuine friend. And when times are rough, you knew you could always count on her.

I really miss having a best friend. Someone who I can just call to come over and she wouldn’t even have to think twice. A girlfriend to talk to when everything else is getting tough and unclear. You rarely get friends like that anymore.

In the world where being plastic comes as a common thing, and leaving friends after friends is something one could get used to… No one seems to hold back anymore and think for once, that that person MIGHT be hurting, or might need someone to talk to or turn to… You’ll definitely need a girl friend like her.

I know I haven’t been with her that long to say how much it pains me to see her go so soon. And I know people close to her miss her dearly. Cause I do.


Hope you’re rocking it out there with Amy Winehouse and all those cool people that we’d talk about! I’ve graduated already along with Alexis, Adi, Zy and the gang. Weiner’s doing well, I know. I got a job, I’m doing good. Just in case you wanted to know. I think you already do, though. Hahaha! I’ve got great new music we can sing along to! LOL I’m so totally going to invade your space and fill you up with all these new bands! Yay!

We miss you terribly, and we love you very much. I’ll be visiting you very soon. Don’t worry, be happeh. xD

Love, Twinnee

Such a geeky-geek photo! Look at us with the braces and the lace I gave you for your birthday! :3 Aww. I hunted down and totally annoyed the hell out of Weiner for this photo though! Although it reminds me so much about how lame I was back then, it also reminds me that I once had a great friend like you. 🙂

2 Replies to “August 30”

  1. Cat, thanks so much for loving my Niki. She loved you so dearly too. I know cause she told me. I love you too.

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