The Street and Begging

Maybe it’s best to not give them anything. But my personality tells me otherwise. When I’m faced with beggars and street children, I’m always reminded of how cruel and unfair the world can be and how some people can be so selfish. I try my best not to be selfish and always give back any chance I could.

Sure, I can just support foundations that focus on this matter (on helping the poor), but sometimes I feel it’s not enough when I encounter them.  I am aware that some people’s modus operandi are to make use of children and the poor to get money. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt.

I would give them food or coins. I might be giving them reasons to stay on the street, but I am not to blame. No one should be pointing fingers at the people who give the beggars spare change on their pockets or leftover food in their bags. If these people/kids were provided by the government (or the greedy and corrupt) just a little more in the first place, they wouldn’t be out begging.

It breaks my heart to walk away having done nothing to help. It’s in my nature to give back for all the blessings I’ve received in any way I can and if that’s such a crime, then sue me.

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