Superstar Saturday at Hacienda

I’m posting the Saturday night photos first!

Last Saturday night concluded the three-day video shoot for Brenan’s “Superstar” music video featuring 454 Life Entertainment’s rapper Thai Viet G. We shot at Hacienda Superclub, Angeles City, Pampanga. The two artists, along with Hi:Fan Records’ J.O.L.O. opened for the great DJ Ace that night.

Please don’t get me started with the people that were there in Hacienda. I’m not judging or anything, but minors? Seriously. And the smoke was just awful. But hey, this blog is all about positivism! And this is all a learning experience, of course.

Grand Entrance shot with Brenan, Cat J. De Leon, Dani Tabuena, Patty Laurel (and 454 Life Entertainment director Gino Rocks at the back)!

My poster is on the big screens.

Century Resorts Hotel 237 Roomies!

My Party Pyramids Knuckles aka Self Defense Device!

You guys better watch the music video cause it’s superstar-studded (thus the song title!). Not only because the gorgeous Sam Ritchelle & Anton Del Rosario are there. But because…

…I’m also gracing this video. For about six or seven and a half seconds, I guess! But still. Glorious airtime! NOW, talk about STAR-STUDDED! Reminds me of that one time…

The super gang that is all super tired of that song.

MEANWHILE… (inside joke) Patty and Pat catch some Lolo/Lola Z’s outside the club.

Right in the middle of Hacienda Superclub and Century Resort Hotel is the:
Seriously, I’m imagining in my head how they could have come up with such a creative bar name! Pat said that it was just probably a temporary name… “in the meanwhile…”  (Uh, okay!)

Aw shucks, you guys didn’t have to encourage force me to have my photo taken with him. I would’ve done it by myself! (Yeah right.)

I think this is the part where I’m supposed to conclude this rockin’ blog entry. After Brenan, Thai, and JOLO’s performance I sort of hurried back to the room and knocked out. Well, that was after I mega-scrubbed myself cause the smell of smoke just won’t rub off.

I imagine all the people who have this kind of lifestyle everyday. I rarely go to clubs and each chance that I do, I try to find the good or excitement in it. But, I don’t. I guess it’s just not my scene.

Then I start thinking about the guys who fall in love in the clubs. I mean, how can you even see when it’s dark and smokey (to the point that you’re crying in pain) and all you depend on are the strobe lights that flash so many times in unison that it give you an epilepsy? I consider getting a LEGIT gorgeous girl/hot guy in a club supreme talent (with pleasing personality = bonus)!

Not like I tried, though. I don’t have to. 🙂 Yihee.

2 Replies to “Superstar Saturday at Hacienda”

  1. Cool post. The energy literally just jumps out of your words and photos and pulls the reader in. Really engaging. 🙂

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