Dinner at Second’s, Bonifacio High Street

August 8, 2011 — 454 Entertainment flies to the country and joins with Audioclef Records for something insane! At the end of their first day in the PH, we join them for dinner at Second’s (2nd’s), Bonifacio High Street!

2nd’s Menu

2nd’s Beverage Menu

2nd’s Bar

Bonifacio High Street in bokeh form!

Spot this gorgeous f/1.2 50mm lens! I’m all praises, and definitely worn-out (arms) with this expensive piece of awesomeness.

What’s up with everyone with their hand near their mouth? 😐

This is 454 Entertainment’s artist/rapper Thai with Patrick Filart. Stolen shot! Sorry about that. 😦

Feast your eyes on 2nd’s salad (above) and CBLT (below)!

The table is filled with gorgeous people, too. 🙂 (Solenn, Julianne, Michelle, Angelia, Samantha just to name a few…)

Guess who this is!

This day also marks the second time I rode a cab by myself! The first time was just a horrific experience. Hahaha. Haaaaaay, memories.
Pretty awesome things we have for everyone soon. Hope you all stay tuned to Audioclef Records and 454 Entertainment!

4 Replies to “Dinner at Second’s, Bonifacio High Street”

  1. From what I was recommended, the CBLT was pretty great. That's actually all I had. You should check out their 2nd's Facebook Page for their menu and more great photos! 🙂

    Just to make things clear, I don't work for this restaurant. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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