Store: Forever 21 Denim Shorts

 Bought Forever21 denim shorts, but were unfortunately a size too small! So I’m selling this for Php 350 only. Size M, never used. 🙂 The tag is off though.

Please buy na! HAHA! 🙂 I’ll update this post with the exact measurements tonight. 

Sta. Rosa, Laguna or Makati meet-up only.

6 Replies to “Store: Forever 21 Denim Shorts”

  1. I'm actually very glad they opened here in the Philippines already! I love how F21 is so tasteful (well, in my taste anyways!).

    Oh and I'm praying for London. God bless.

  2. is this already sold? if not, do you have the exact dimensions? or to make it easier for you, will it fit a girl with 28″ waistline?

    i am from sta rosa laguna btw. 😉

  3. Not yet sold! 🙂 Waist – 29 in Leg – 20 in , I think it will do well in a 28 ” waist line. 🙂

  4. is this too small for you? you look slimmer than me in photos. 🙂

    can you tell me you preferred meetup locations if ever?

  5. I'm thinking this 29 is probably a hipline size. The shorts don't go all the way to the waist eh.

    Where in Sta. Rosa do you stay? Is it anywhere near Paseo De Sta Rosa or Nuvali? You can check it out and we'll see. 🙂 If it's not too much of a hassle.

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