Happy Twenty at Hossein’ Persian Kebab!

July 18, 2011 – Today is the day of my birthday boy! Jerome Daniel turns 20 and we celebrate it at Gilak by Hossein (Persian Kebab) at Makati Ave. We’ve been meaning to try out this restaurant for quite a while. He says he missed the food, having lived in Saudi Arabia for most of his life.

When we came there, we thought it was closed because all the lights were off. When he went up to check, we learned that the restaurant was just experiencing a brown-out.
Pretty fun actually, we had a mafia-esque environment so we took a lot of photos like the one above. Outside were the bright lights from night clubs and hotels/motels.

His dad called him and he kept hinting, no, suggesting his dad to get him a nice camera. Sony Alpha with an awesome 50mm lens or yung malalaki na black na camera. His dad works abroad so cameras are probably a lot cheaper there, so we thought.

When the lights came back on, we changed tables and moved to the one on the far end.
We ordered a plate of delicious “Mixed Kebab II”. One stick ground beef, one stick of shish kebab and a stick chicken kebab grilled into perfection sided with char grilled tomatoes and onions. (See Hossein’s Menu here) I absolutely loved the chicken. The sauce was just amazing.

And some Kabsa Rice.

Daniel says he’s a spicy food-buff, and so far “nothing came close to his expectations of spicy” until that night. He has finally met his match:

Over-all the food was great. But hey, this is no food-critic’s blog. I’m just saying. We definitely loved the food and will be coming back (of course on another important day, the price is beyond budget). If he’s happy, then it’s a great meal and worth the money.

After dinner we walked around and laughed at the night clubs. I promise, one day we’ll enter one just for fun. Hahaha.

Happy birthday, love. Thank you for everything. 🙂

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