71711 Nuvali

Haven’t been to Nuvali, Laguna for quite a while and decided to visit. I was actually looking for those fold-able boxes for storage to organize my absolute forever-a-mess room and for my sister to get some paper and go outfit shopping.

There were wrist watches (replicas of the Slap Watch, actually) and inch-wide wrist bands that are such a hit to the Tumblr kids. I wanted to buy the “Like A Boss” one, but it was too expensive (Php 150).

There were Ati-Atihan dancers and drummers performing that day. My sister and an I absolutely adored the festive beats. 🙂

A bazaar is not complete without accessories on sale. A lot of which you can get at half the price around Divisoria, but hey… why go through all the hassle (and possible risk) of venturing Divisoria?

I actually sported, for the first time, a maxi-skirt with a Forever 21 top. I’m not brand-conscious, really. If you can carry it well, you’re all good. Spot my awesome ~*UNICORN NECKLACE*~, too!

Below are some of the things I found at the Bazaar (completely missing my mission). LOVE Connector ring at Php 80.00 and Bangles set at Php 90.00!

The bag above is my sister’s, she bought that at Divisoria. Always mistaken for a legit Zara bag. 😉

My sister, Mabby. Follow her on Twitter. 🙂

And for our lunner (lunch-dinner) we have Yellow Cab’s Baked Potato Wedges. Such a yellow day.

My search for the fold-able box was a fail. It’s not that I bought other things, it just wasn’t there. I was pretty disappointed and was very bothered, just so you know. But whatever, I’ll save the mission “Room Organization” for another day. I’m off to Makati anyways.

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