VIP Skyy Services Launch at the Peninsula

I was invited to the SkyyServices Press Conference last July 11, 2011 at the Peninsula, Makati.

All photos on this post are mine, and I wasn’t in the mood to watermark everything so please do ask permission or at least tell me if you want to use my photos. Thanks.

Invited to this event were big names like Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Katrina Ponce Enrile, CEZA President Jose Mari Ponce, Randy Ortiz, & Jackie Aquino. Also hosting the event is the beautiful Pinky Amador.

SkyyServices COO Alex Baik and CEZA President Jose Mari Ponce

From Audioclef Records, COO Jay Enrile, music producer Marcus Davis Jr., and artist Amber Davis also graced the event.

The product SkyyShop will be a definite hit, I’m sure, as it creates an easier interface for online consumers and sellers.

Audioclef Inc. Directors Jay Enrile, Dennis Brillante, and Mike Schaefer

Thumbs up from Alex!

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Alex Baik and host Pinky Amador (above), General Manager of SkyyServices Dolores Meek (below)

I get a thumbs up from the Senate President! 🙂

“Gusto ko happy ka!” he says. Hahaha. I’m just kidding.

You can never go wrong with delicious hotel buffet!

JAKA Group + JAKA Foods (above), and Audioclef Inc. (below)

And since I had no copy of my own photo, I took shots at home. My hair wasn’t as curled as it was during the event though. Had a pretty rough night, eh. Haha. But it was all worth it. 🙂 Pardon this extremely silly photo, it’s the only decent one I have.

What a day! Learn more about SkyyServices here:

Check out Amber Davis’ Website News about this event here:
[Go to]

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  1. Nah you aint so great. You lack GTL man. I go to the gym everyday. I got a perfect tanned body for perfection and last but not least, I do my own laundry with Downy.

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