Work: Brenan Give-aways!

My BRENAN posters for work were brought in this week! Check out these papers oozing with appeal. Haha!

Had a couple signed by Brenan for the little contest we’re hosting on YouTube. His latest single, “Sprung” will be out today. God bless my totally n00b typography video skillz.

Go ahead and win yourself these snazzy posters and Audioclef pins by watching and commenting on this video on YouTube ( with why you like Brenan ( and what you think about his single “Sprung”!

I really insist you guys join this contest. It’s way easy! You wanna know what happens to our winners here at Audioclef Records? Their dreams come true. I’m not even joking.

Watch this Julianne webisode of an Audioclef COVERS Contest Winner:

Another reason why you should watch is because I have a two-time cameo appearance here (with total air time of at least 5 seconds)! ~*so proud of myself*~

Keeping my head up today. High hopes, high hopes.


One Reply to “Work: Brenan Give-aways!”

  1. […] You guys better watch the music video cause it’s superstar-studded (thus the song title!). Not only because the gorgeous Sam Ritchelle or Anton Del Rosario is there. But because…I’m also gracing this video. For about six or seven and a half seconds, I guess! But still. Glorious airtime! Reminds me of that one time… […]

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